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Sun Surveyor Sun & Moon 2.4.10 APK Paid

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Sun Surveyor predicts the positions of Sun and Moon with a 3D compass, interactive map, Street View, augmented reality and a detailed ephemeris. Sun Surveyor is useful for photographers and filmmakers, architects, real estate and professionals of solar panels (photovoltaic industry), and more. Plan every sunrise, sunset and super moon!
- Opportunities for photos
- Position search
- Visual time machine
- Distance of the moon, age, apogee, perigee, predictions of the super moon
- Information from the shadow of the sun
- Share details and locations with clients and colleagues
- Offline use
- Magnetic declination compensation
- Widgets - 9 varieties of sun and moon widgets for your home screen

Supported Android
Sun Surveyor_2.4.10.apk

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